These Same Strategies Allowed Us to:

Work with clients ranging from New York Times best-selling authors, to Fortune 100 companies, to economic development agencies, to industry leading experts. Double our prices within 60 days. Have 22 projects working at one time - and maintaining our sanity in the midst of it all. Have prospective clients wait as long as 6 weeks to begin their projects. Steadily increase in our profit margins and revenue each year. Work with an army of over 15 freelancers at various times.
Go from selling $300 websites to selling $30,000+ websites.

7 Power-Packed Sessions

Everything you need to quickly take your business to the next level. From finding the perfect niche, generating an endless stream of leads, to positioning yourself as the only logical choice.

4 Bonus

These bonus sessions are each designed to give you the winning edge. From how to effectively use upsell and cross-sells to maximize your profits, to how to get celebrity clients.

No Theories
Or Hype

I totally pull back the curtain and reveal the specific systems, processes, and strategies we’ve used to win the hearts - and wallets - of clients from around the world.

Action Steps

That's exactly what you get when you purchase the Freelancers Freedom Formula today. You get actionable advice that you can implement today! Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not in a month. Today!

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Our Clients Say

I've been a freelancer for over 10 years, and literally build 100's of websites. After going through your 7-Tier Proposal System, I'm sickened by how much more money I could have been making.  Since making a few minor changes outlined in the 7-Tier Proposal System, I've already been able to increase my prices.

- Cory Davidson - Full-time Freelancer
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